I provide a ‘bespoke’ service as each client has different needs.  The ‘women’ who wish to use the service are no different to any real woman.  We all come in different shapes and sizes.  Some ‘women’ are petite whereas others are fuller figure.  There are those who cannot wax or shave their bodies and those who can do the opposite.  it is no use trying to wear a 22C cup bra if you would as a ‘woman’ wear a 14B cup.  Wearing sheer 12 denier stockings is very feminine but if you do not wax or shave your legs then there is nothing less feminine than to have ‘hairy legs’ showing through your hose so 30 denier stockings or tights need to be worn and of course a long sleeved dress, blouse or jumper.   Knowing how important it is to my clients to wear feminine lingerie, only very feminine items are provided and again you will be asked your preference.

My service does not provide for those who like fetish wear, rubber, school girl costumes or leather. It is a service that will let you become a smart ‘everyday’ woman (albeit that few women would wear the lingerie that you wear on a daily basis).  Perhaps you will decide to wear a suit or skirt, blouse and jacket as a ‘secretary’ or ‘businesswoman’, maybe you would prefer to be going out for the evening with friends or perhaps meeting a gentleman or maybe you would like to dress for the races with a hat, be a smart ‘mother of the bride’ or just an average everyday ‘housewife’ relaxing in a smart floral dress before ‘hubby’ comes home.  Whatever you decide upon I will do the best that I can so that you can become the woman that you wish.

You will be shown how to do your make up, how to sit and how to behave as a woman.

I am more than happy to discuss your ‘sexuality’ with you during the session but the service I provide is STRICTLY A DRESSING SERVICE and is on a discreet professional one to one basis.  My clients and their satisfaction from dressing and becoming a ‘woman’ are paramount to me and each client’s particular needs during their time as a woman will be taken into consideration.